November 19, 2020

What Exactly is Black Mold?

There are few phrases quite as scary as “Black Mold”. But most people don’t know exactly what black mold is. And better yet, they don’t know why it’s considered more dangerous than other types of mold. So, what exactly is black mold – and why are people so afraid of it?

Black mold is a common name for a strand of mold known as “Stachybotrys” – this strand is largely considered to be particularly harmful to humans. But we’re cracking that mytDynamic Remediation Solutions - Black Mold Removal - Mold Remediation New Jerseyh… the honest truth is that black mold has never been proven to be more harmful than other types of mold.

All varieties of mold cause allergies and symptoms, especially in those who are already sensitive. Because of this revelation, many professionals in the mold remediation industry are realizing that they need to move away from focusing only on black mold and instead, focus on the fact that no healthy home should have a high level of mold.

There are resources out there that claim black mold causes sickness, cancer, and can even kill you. So, can it? We know that mold of all kinds can cause allergies – stuffy head, migraines, itchy eyes, sinus issues, and living with those symptoms is awful! And black mold is no different so it’s obvious that sickness can occur when black mold is present.

It’s important to note that black mold has never once been scientifically linked to cancer or death directly. However, because black mold can cause an allergic reaction that lowers your immune system, exposure to it can trigger illnesses like pneumonia which can be deadly if you’re unable to recover from it.

Dynamic Remediation Services - What is Black Mold - Mold Remediation - Mold Removal - Moisture DamageSo, while it’s not necessarily more dangerous than other types of mold – black mold is definitely something that needs to be dealt with. And it needs to be dealt with by a professional! At Dynamic Remediation Solutions, we’re knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to mold removal and remediation. Nobody wants to live in a home that could make them sick, and if you suspect mold or moisture in your home, it’s time to get in touch. Contact us today online or give us a call at 1-888-396-7367!

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