August 9, 2022

What is the Water Damage Clean Up Process

What is the Water Damage Clean Up Process?

Your home is a very important investment. To most people, owning a home has its perks as well as its responsibilities too. When you own a home, it is your responsibility to keep it safe, secure and livable for as long as you can. That is why, if there is any water damage it is important that you attend to it as quickly as possible in order to maintain the comfort inside your home. 

While there are situations in which you can prevent this from happening such as checking your home’s structure to ensure that everything is functional, there are also some that you can’t control such as natural disasters like storms. When a storm hits your area, the effect can be bad. Your home can be exposed to several damages such as water damage. When your home has water damage whether due to floor or water leaks from a plumbing problem, it is recommended that you hire a professional water damage restoration company to fix the problem immediately. Dynamic Remediation Solutions Inc. is your premier water damage restoration company that will work with you throughout the entire process, We are a IICRC certified firm in water damage clean up, contents processing, odor control  and microbial remediation. 

Inspection & Assessment

Water damage restoration professionals will inspect the area so that they can see the severity of the damage and do an assessment of what solution will be the most effective. They will document the source of loss (what happened to create the damage), make a moisture map (diagram the affected areas), take atmospheric measurements of the affected areas/ rooms. They will also measure the damage by categories and classes to come up with an effective restoration and drying plan.

Water & Moisture Removal

Professionals will contain the area and use the right tools to remove water efficiently and they will do it quickly because they know that it is one of the keys to effective restoration and prevention of secondary damage of releasing VOC's and future pathogen, and microbial growth. This is the bulk extraction and clean up of the water.

Structural Drying

Once all the water is removed, they will dry out the entire surface and building materials. We will use dehumidification equipment to better ensure that all moisture is removed.

Clean Up & Sanitization

When everything is clean and dry, they will clean and sanitize the area to make sure there is no mold or other germs left so your home will be back to a clean and healthy state.

Water damage can be challenging to deal with but with quick action and hiring the right water damage removal experts, you can be sure that your home will be back to the way it was before and you can, once again, enjoy the comfort your home brings you.  Call our team for professional and courteous water damage clean up!

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