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We offer a full range of mold testing services and comprehensive report including:

  • Investigate, find and document the source
  • Certified laboratory mold testing analysis and reports
  • Advice and Prevention guidance
  • Detailed mold remediation protocol
  • Post remediation clearance testing
After your mold testing results, you’ll have exactly the information you need to make an educated and informed decision for your home or business.

Visual Mold Inspection

Mold can grow in places in your home where it isn’t visible, and your first hint might be nothing more than a mustiness in the air, or a pesky cold and congestion that just won’t go away.

A visual mold inspection is more than a quick check – our experts are trained and certified to find not only hidden mold, but to prepare a complete remediation plan to take care of it once and for all, from repairing the source of the moisture to sanitization.

Surface Sampling for Mold

Sometimes you can’t be sure if the brown spot on the wall is mold or not. With surface sampling, we collect samples directly from a surface where mold growth is suspected. Mold testing confirms whether it is mold and provides written documentation of what was found.

Surface samples are taken directly from an area of suspected or known mold growth. This type of mold testing is often done together with air sampling, though it can also be done alone.


One of the biggest issues with mold growth is the impact it can have on indoor air quality. Active mold growth releases its spores directly into the air you breathe. You don’t need to see mold on the wall or on the ceiling to have a big problem. Air sampling shows if the indoor air quality is affected by mold.

A sampling strategy is formulated during the initial consultation and visual inspection. Samples are taken from any areas in your home where mold is seen or highly likely to be growing in hidden areas. Some common areas are:

  • Inside HVAC units and ducts
  • Inside vanities / under sinks
  • Inside wall or ceiling cavities
  • Basements & crawlspaces
  • Attics

Moisture & Leak Detection

If indoor mold is growing, it means there is water somewhere it shouldn’t be. We use moisture and leak detection techniques to identify wet areas in your home, whether from a little bit of extra moisture or humidity, or a leak in a pipe or in your foundation.

Using advanced technology and infrared imaging, moisture and leak detection plays a critical role in pointing to where to collect air samples and surface samples from for laboratory analysis. It also acts as another source of vital information in a mold inspection, highlighting where the water is coming from and needed repairs to be made during mold remediation.

Mold Detection

Mold Detection

Mold can sometimes seem so harmless. It appears to start as an innocent stain on the wall and continues to spread and spread. The plain truth is you can not see mold spores with the naked eye, those spots are mold growth and contamination. If you want to stay productive, then you must remain in sound health. Mold is a hindrance to that.

As harmless as it looks, a mold infestation can have grievous consequences. It can be life-threatening if not professionally handled.

Mold causes breathing problems, skin irritations, lung problems, and much more. If you allow mold to take refuge in your house, you expose yourself to a whole lot of danger.

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