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Mold Removal - Mold Testing - Mold Restoration
Having a plan of action when a mold problem arises can make all the difference when it comes to minimizing damage and the effects on your family's health

Mold Removal Services

When mold starts to invade your home, dealing with the problem quickly and safely should be a priority. It can take less than 72 hours for mold to spread throughout your home, which may result in negative health effects to your family, as well as damage to your property. Dynamic Remediation Solutions Inc. responds quickly to your call to assess your situation. Dynamic Remediation Solutions Inc. professionals use advanced equipment and experience in mold mitigation to determine the water source of your mold problem. Then, we’ll work with you in the cleanup and restoration process with as little disruption to your family as possible.

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Mold Removal - Mold Remediation - Mold Clean Up

What Is Mold Removal?

Mold is a symptom of persistent moisture. With mold remediation, we treat against both water and mold to ensure it is completely removed.

Remove The Mold

Properly dispose of building materials contaminated with mold including drywall, wood and carpeting.

Contents Processing

Carefully evaluate and document damages to property contents. 

Clean, Deodorize & Sanitize

Clean, sanitize and disinfect the area to prevent odors and mold from returning.

Mold, Bacterial & Pathogen Prevention

Clean & sanitize the area to prevent mold, bacterial and pathogens from developing.

Typical Causes Of Mold Contamination

  • Persistent Condensation From Pipes & HVAC Ducts
  • Consistent Humidity
  • Leaky Water Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures
  • Flood Or Water Damage That Was Improperly Cleaned Up
  • Leaking Roofs or Windows
  • Poor Maintenance Or Installation of HVAC Systems
  • Improper Drainage of HVAC systems
  • Poor Ventilation In Attics or Crawl Spaces
  • Poor Water or Vapor Barrier In Crawl Spaces
  • Water Intrusion Through Basement Walls Or Floor

What Is The Mold Remediation Process?

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