September 15, 2020

Hot Weather & Masonry: the Pros and the Cons

We’ve already gone over the best times of the year to perform masonry repairs, so today we’d like to dig a little deeper and jump into the pros and cons of masonry repair and restoration during the hot weather months.

What might go wrong during a hot day, how to fix it without causing more damage, and most importantly, how to avoid it in the first place? Keep reading to find that out!


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Masonry construction in the New Jersey area might be challenging during the sweltering summer months. During hot weather, there are several things that you should always keep in mind – when temperature rises, equipment and material tend to heat up; When it’s hot, moisture evaporates quickly and leaves less water needed for cement hydration; Also, direct sunlight and high levels of humidity affect masonry and bring about new challenges.

What are some of the key effects that hot weather has on masonry? Here’s a list that every mason should be aware of before starting a project on a hot day.

  • Brick absorbs much more moisture from the mortar
  • The evaporation process usually goes faster
  • Workability is reduced and needs more water to be maintained
  • The cement in the mortar needs more water for hydration
  • Rapid drying leads to a weaker, more vulnerable mortar

Okay, so as you can see it gets a bit harder to deliver a perfect result during the heat. What measures could be taken to keep the quality of your work higher than the temperature? BR Masonry professionals are here to share their knowledge with you:

  • Use cooler water to mix mortar
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight on the equipment and material
  • Sand piles must be maintained in damp, lose condition
  • Bring down the temperature of equipment and mortar boards by flushing them with cold water before contacting fresh mortar
  • If masonry units have high absorption level, pre-wet them
  • Select mortar-retentive mortar mixes

These are just a few pieces of advice when it comes to working  with masonry during hot weather. There are, of course, many more rules you should follow to get the best results, and it always depends on the project. Our team knows every aspect of the job, so if it’s hot outside and you need a masonry construction project finished yesterday, you know who to call.

No matter the weather, BR Masonry gets the job done. We have the skill, experience, and the technology to work in any condition. If you live in the New Jersey area and need a masonry repair or restoration, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you have in mind.

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