October 4, 2021

You Don’t Have to Face Flooding Alone

Our hearts go out to everyone who lost their home security and treasures in Eastern Pennsylvania and throughout New Jersey after Hurricane Ida. We here at Dynamic Remediation Solutions, Inc., were able to support home owners in important ways in the aftermath of this natural disaster. When the rains poured down, the water damage was extensive in many homes. Dynamic’s team was able to assist by removing wet carpet, cutting drywall out, inventorying lost items, clearing away debris, and helping to ensure mold and microbials would not grow in the wake of the flood waters.

Protect Your Home With Mold Inspection & Testing

Now is the time for mold inspection in the aftermath. If you have done the hard work of cleaning out your flooded home, the next step is to ensure nothing grows in your space. We can help.

Mold inspection is a proactive step in protecting your family’s long-term health. Mold can cause respiratory illness, coughs, fatigue, eye irritation, headaches, allergy flair ups, and more serious issues. It is a small expense compared with long-term health issues.

Mold grows naturally in homes as spores settle from the environment. When water or sewage damage invades your home, settles spores can grow in the more humid and moist conditions.


What is “remediation”? Dynamic Remediation Solutions can test for mold (even if it is not visible), and then we can do the remediation work to:

  • Remove contaminated debris and materials;
  • Suck moisture from walls to reduce the need for reconstruction;
  • Ensure surfaces are free of mold and dust; and
  • Remove odors so your home or office does not smell like mildew.

We use dehumidifers, fans, mold-specific cleaning materials, and other moisture control measures to secure your space and change the environment so mold does not have the nutrients and moisture it needs to grow.

Why Use Dynamic Remediation Solutions for Mold Inspection, Testing, & Remediation?

Just as it works best in your health care to have a “continuum of care” so your overall health needs are met, securing your home or office, church or rental property from mold requires fluid and conscientious care. Mold inspection and testing informs on the level of fungus indoors to determine if there is a problem, as well the cause and location of moisture invasion. Using the same company for mold inspection and mold remediation ensures that the initial inspection results guide the actions required to remove the mold threat. Using separate companies for both steps of the process can lead to oversights, and long-term issues regardless of the careful steps you are taking to protect your space and family.

Don’t lose sleep over the possibility of mold. Call 1-888-396-7367 today to speak with a Dynamic representative.

-MH, Oct 8, 2021

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