September 4, 2022

Fall Maintenance Tips To Prevent Water Damage

The Importance of Fall Maintenance To Avoid Costly Water Damage.

  • Water Damage is one of the most common and costly homeowners insurance claims.
  • Nation wide water damage is only second to hail and wind damage.
  • Most water damage crisis can be avoided by proper home maintenance.

To help you prevent avoidable water damage, we have compiled a list of the top fall maintenance items that are common causes of water damage in houses. Our team prides themselves on delivering timely water extraction and water damage clean up with excellent customer service and quality assurance. We work quickly to document damages, work with your insurance company and streamline the process.


Roof Maintenance Tips

fall roof maintenance for water damage
  • Check for missing, broken or damage shingles
  • Check flashing, soffits  and fascia
  • Check gutters and down spouts
  • Check chimney, cap, crowns and flashing

Exterior Check List

Fall exterior water damage check list
  • Check caulk joints 
  • Disconnect hoses and check faucets
  • Check siding materials
  • Check windows, doors and shutters
  • Check wall penetration sealants
  • Check all areas with flashing
  • Down spouts should direct water 10 foot away from the foundation


  • Trim trees, shrubs and bushes
  • Make sure shrubs and bushes are at least 2 foot away from the foundation
  • Check grading at the foundation it should be a 6 inch drop 10 foot out from the foundation wall 

Check Your Attic

inspect attic for water damage
  • Check for leaks or water damage
  • Check around roof penetrations
  • Make sure the insulation is in tact
  • Make sure there is proper ventilation


water damage burst pipe
  • Inspect and test your sump pump
  • Insulate any pipes in unconditioned spaces
  • Check appliance supply hoses
  • Have your heating system inspected annually by a professional


interior water damage inspection
  • Look for previous water damage
  • Inspect foundation at wall penetrations and look for leaks or cracks
  • If you’re going away keep your home at a minimum of 60 degrees

Fall is a great time to designate these extra home maintenance items to ensure that your home stays free of  water damage all year long.
If your New Jersey or Pennsylvania home has sustained water damage, call the IICRC Certified water damage clean up experts at Dynamic Remediation Solutions Inc.  (888)396-7367.

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