September 17, 2020

Dynamic Remediation Solutions Specializes in Structural Repairs

A building’s structure is what keeps it standing. A well-planned and constructed structure will ensure the property can withstand strong winds, rain, snow, and the weight of the house and the people inside it. At Dynamic Remediation Solutions Inc., we’ve noticed that many customers don’t plan structural repairs well enough and often weaken their property by either taking on repair tasks themselves or hiring contractors who are inexperienced or unqualified to handle structural repair work.

Some things you need to know about structural repair before you plan them:

What Do Structural Repairs Include?

All repairs done to the essential structure of the property like foundation, frame, beams, etc., are considered structural repairs. These repairs are required if the building starts to move, sink, or form large cracks. They’re usually performed on old buildings that aren’t up to the modern safety and code standards. Most structural repairs will have little to no cosmetic impact on the property so it won’t add much to the overall value of the property. However, buyers will be very reluctant to purchase a building that requires structural repairs so you should keep that in mind if you intend to sell the property in the near future.

Why Do You Need Structural Repairs?

You might need structural repairs for a variety of reasons, especially if your property is several decades old. A qualified structural engineer will examine your building carefully and determine if there are any areas that need reinforcement and/or repairs. Here are some of the reasons that you might need structural repairs:

  • The home is old and doesn’t live up to modern safety and health standards.
  • The walls weren’t restrained and tied in properly so they’re not stable.
  • There’s water ingress within the structure because of movement of the property.
  • The building materials are of poor quality and there are major cracks and vulnerabilities.
  • You want to remove an interior wall and require a beam installed in it’s place.
  • There has been significant damage to the property such as fire, storm or extensive water damage.
  • There is hydrostatic pressure against the foundation, water intrusion and displacement or decay of the foundation wall.

Why hire a structural repair professional?

Structural repairs require a different skill set and knowledge base because you’re tempering with the most basic and vital elements of a building. Contractors who are not well-versed or experienced in structural engineering, modifications, repairs and design can make critical mistakes and compromise the integrity of your property causing losses of property, safety and life. A professional will make sure your building is secure, and safe after the structural changes are made.

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