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Who We Are

Working in construction for decades, I saw the damage inflicted on homes, businesses and schools caused by previous water damage and the many indoor contaminants that most people are not aware of. Now, we are putting that experience to work for the community and our clients.

Welcome to Dynamic Remediation Solutions, a company focused on water damage mitigation and environmental inspection and consultation. We are focused on saving the health and longevity of your family and investments. 

With Dynamic Remediation Solutions, you get fast and efficient service, honest and thoughtful recommendations (not just prices), and the quality, personal care, and attention that we would give our own family. We explain what we find, why the problems exist, and the best ways to correct the problems for the long-term health and safety of your family, friends, employees and clients.

Why Work With Dynamic Remediation Solutions

Effective, Full Service Work Ethic

As a small, family-owned operation, every client is our most important client. We are focused on giving you the best customer service out there.

Education AND Remediation

We want you to understand WHY your home has mildew or moisture, and how we’re going to remove it. We work directly with the insurance so you don’t have to (deposit of deductible required).

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing. We want to make sure you get the best service and the best deal.

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We work closely with our clients, insurance companies, and industrial hygiene specialists to provide mold inspection, effective liquid and moisture damage cleanup in emergencies, and remediation to recreate a healthy living and working atmosphere.

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